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  • Epitheliotropic Lymphoma of dogs

    Presentation by Dr Rob Hilton on presentation and treatment options for epitheliotropic lymphoma in dogs. Canine epitheliotropic lymphoma is a pleomorphic disease with several stages, often co-existing and can be very pruritic

    1.3 MB • Microsoft Power Point • 8 December 2016

  • 1 How to Make an Appointment

    How to Make an Appointment for Dr Rob to help you with your pet

    22 KB • PDF File • 20 September 2021

  • 2 Dermatology Services Price List

    Dermatology Services Price List

    95 KB • PDF File • 20 September 2021

  • Allergic Skin Disease in a Nutshell

    The cause(s) of itch and how we deal with allergic and atopic dermatitis. These two pages summarize cause and approach to allergy and allergic dermatitis in the dog and include a treatment plan template.

    15 KB • PDF File • 14 January 2012

  • Allergy in dogs - Treating the itch (pruritus)

    Treating itch in atopic dermatitis and allergy in dogs Symptomatic Managing Allergic Skin Disease in Dogs Prednisolone vs Cyclosporine vs Oclacitinib vs Lokivetmab Benefits , indications , contraindications of each option in dogs

    1.7 MB • PDF File • 16 December 2018

  • Allergy Infections and Ears AP Sept 2019

    Current information giving an overview of the treatment and diagnosis of common allergic diseases of dogs, skin infections and ear disease

    3.0 MB • PDF File • 8 September 2019

  • Apoquel Oclacitinib Information

    These are the slides from a recent series of presentations given to veterinarians and nurses by Dr Rob Hilton on Oclacitinib ( Apoquel Zoetis) It should be taken as general information and owners need to consult with their veterinarian or a veterinary dermatologist to ensure that this is the appropriate treatment for their dog.

    3.8 MB • PDF File • 2 April 2016

  • Atopic Dermatitis, Food Allergy and other Causes of Canine Pruritus

    Presentation covering Atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats and aspects of food allergy/reactions, including the limitations of hydrolyzed diets

    1.6 MB • PDF File • 8 April 2013

  • Barrier Function and Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs

    Barrier function repair is a valuable tool in a combination approach to managing atopic dermatitis in dogs

    428 KB • PDF File • 26 June 2011

  • Cyclosporine in cats with atopic dermatiis

    Cyclosporine is widely used off label in cats by many Veterinary Dermatologists with good results and less serious side effects than long term corticosteroids

    111 KB • PDF File • 20 May 2011

  • Demodicosis (Demodectic mange, Demodex), Sarcoptes and ear mite (Otodectes) treatment

    This information is for Veterinarians. Owners are strongly advised to consult with their veterinarians before undertaking treatment. Demodectic mange is a sign of an inherited or acquired defect in the immune system and no treatment is 100% successful in all cases. Sarcoptic mange is severely itchy and highly contagious to both other dogs and people. Professional advice is essential

    66 KB • PDF File • 28 August 2016

  • Diet elimination trial. Recipies and Protocol

    To diagnose food based allergy and reactions. What to use and for how long. Commercial dry low allergen and sensitive skin diets are not accurate enough to DIAGNOSE food allergy and reactions in a significant number of cases.

    19 KB • PDF File • 3 October 2012

  • Discoid lupus erythematosus in the dog

    The most common immune mediated skin disease in Australia

    827 KB • PDF File • 3 December 2013

  • Ear Disease (Otitis Externa) - why treatments can fail

    Treatment of ear disease is NEVER simple. A primary cause (often allergy) starts the infection off then damage to the ear from the infection keeps it going. This article explains why treatments fail to control ear infections in dogs with otitis externa

    1.6 MB • PDF File • 20 October 2017

  • Essential Fatty Acid therapy

    Review written by Dr Rob Hilton on the use of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to assist in the treatment of allergy and atopic dermatitis in dogs. In addition to allergy, these supplements may be of some value in the management of certain animal cancers

    76 KB • PDF File • 13 March 2011

  • Food allergy in dogs Abbreviated protocol

    A short prednisolone covered food trial in dogs has been shown to reduce the time it takes to make a diagnosis of food allergy. Now rereferred to a food-induced atopic dermatitis

    154 KB • PDF File • 9 October 2021

  • Groomers Itchy dogs and skin infections

    A presentation given in 2019 by Dr Rob Hilton on Pruritic dogs and skin infections

    4.2 MB • PDF File • 1 July 2019

  • Groomers Presentation Structure Function and Shampoos

    A presentation given in 2019 by Dr's Rob Hilton on Skin Structure Function and Shampoos

    2.0 MB • PDF File • 1 July 2019

  • Immune Mediated Diseases

    Notes from a lecture given by Dr Rob Hilton in 2010 covering the diagnosis and treatment of pemhigus foliaceus, discoid lupus erythematosus, juvenile cellulitis (puppy strangles) and vasculitis in dogs and cats

    3.3 MB • PDF File • 13 March 2011

  • Mast cell tumours in dogs and cats

    Review written in 2005 by Dr Rob Hilton on canine and feline mast cell tumours. Recently, there has been further progress with chemotherapy of these nasty tumours

    518 KB • PDF File • 13 March 2011

  • Nose and Nasal Planum Diseases

    Common Diseases of the Dog Nose and Nasal Planum with emphasis on Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

    3.9 MB • PDF File • 16 September 2014

  • Old dog inflammatory skin diseases

    Old dogs uncommonly acquire new food or environmental allergies unless they are moved to a totally new environment. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of the following: Drug reactions Hepatocutaneous syndrome (metabolic epidermal necrolysis) Epitheliotropic lymphoma Calcinosis cutis

    2.0 MB • PDF File • 9 October 2021

  • Pododermatitis - foot diseases of dogs

    Review of the diagnosis and treatment of pododermatitis (inflammation of the feet) in dogs with special reference to interdigital cyst/nodules, comedone syndrome and immune-mediated pododermatitis

    2.0 MB • PDF File • 30 January 2021

  • Pruritic Cat Clinical Review

    Allergic and non-allergic inflammatory and itchy skin diseases of the cat. How to systematically diagnose the cause of allergic skin disease in cats and options to manage the cat with long term feline atopic dermatitis. This article is intended as guidance for veterinarians. Owners are advised to consult with a veterinarian skilled in veterinary dermatology.

    585 KB • PDF File • 20 August 2017

  • Pseudomonas otitis

    Chronic ear infections, especially those infected with Pseudomonas bacteria, can be difficult to treat but most can be controlled with appropriate medical treatment.

    90 KB • PDF File • 13 March 2011

  • Scaling dermatitis of dogs

    Lecture notes by Dr Rob Hilton on scaling dermatitis in dogs with special referance to nasal hyperkeratosis (nose hyperkeratosis of Labradors), hepatocutaneous syndrome and sebaceous adenitis

    3.8 MB • PDF File • 13 March 2011

  • Skin infections in dogs and cats

    Bacterial and yeast infections of the skin are very common and complicate most skin diseases of dogs and cats. Success depends on recognising the type of infection and using the right drugs at full dose rates for long enough.

    912 KB • PDF File • 13 March 2011